Right Hooks

Biden Saves the Day

He's reassuring our European allies.

Mar. 19, 2014

The situation in Ukraine must be worse than we thought because the White House dispatched Joe Biden to “reassure our allies” in Eastern Europe that everything will be all right. In fact, he told Polish President Bronislaw Komorowsk, “You have an ally whose [defense] budget is larger than the next 10 nations in the world combined, so don’t worry about where we are.” Of course, Barack Obama is doing his best to cut that budget down to size, not to mention that he pulled the rug out from under Poland on missile defense. Forgive us, but sending Joe Biden to deter Vladimir Putin isn’t the most reassuring thing we can think of. But maybe as long as he took his double barrel shotgun and can fire off a couple of rounds, our allies will feel safe.

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