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Right Hooks

Bad Omens for Democrats

Disasters in two congressional races.

May 14, 2014

Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) won a special election in March in what was seen as a bellwether over ObamaCare. To try to knock off Jolly in November, Democrats turned to Ed Jany, a Marine and former police officer. Unfortunately for Democrats, Jany just dropped out of the race because he doesn’t have time to run and keep working his regular jobs, leaving Democrats without a candidate now that the deadline has passed. The even funnier part is that they strong-armed a prominent black minister out of the race to clear the way for Jany. But an even worse embarrassment for Democrats comes out of Michigan, where 25-term Rep. John Conyers failed to garner enough legitimate signatures to qualify for the Democrat primary in August. No doubt he’ll wage a write-in campaign. If these two stories are any indication, Democrats are in for a bad November.

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