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GOP Wobbles on Min. Wage

But should they?

May 14, 2014

The Wall Street Journal notes that 2012 presidential contenders Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have come out in support of raising the minimum wage, and “Sen. Marco Rubio earlier this year suggested a new form of wage subsidies for workers earning under a certain amount, an idea that has gained few adherents.” Reihan Salam argues in National Review, “The real case for a minimum wage compromise is not that it’s good policy. Rather, it’s that conservatives in Congress and in the states have done such a poor job of offering alternatives. That has to change.” But a Republican surrender is precisely what Democrats are counting on. No PR debate changes the fact that higher-priced labor means higher-priced products, lower employment and/or less profit margin for growth. Hiking workers’ compensation just because the Left has made it an issue isn’t good enough. More…

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