Right Hooks

Killers Are No 'Right-Wingers'

Gadsden flag plus swastika equals confusion.

Jun. 10, 2014

A young married couple in Las Vegas went on a murderous spree over the weekend, killing two police officers and another man (who confronted them with a concealed weapon) before killing themselves. The Leftmedia were quick to highlight supposed “right-wing, militia-type” political motives of the killers, because the pair used the word “Patriot” in their online rants, loved guns, claimed to have participated in the rally at Cliven Bundy’s ranch and draped their victims in a Gadsden flag. Oddly, however, the couple also left a swastika on the bodies of the dead officers. Talk about mixed messages – Nazis were socialists. That critical point will be lost on those who’ve been wrongly taught Nazis were “right-wingers.” But let’s be clear: Random killing of innocents isn’t right- or left-wing. It’s simply deranged and evil. More…

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