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Here's One Strategy For Ukraine

Aug. 29, 2014

It’s not like America could declare all-out war with Russia over their aggression in Ukraine – that would be MAD. Neither should the nation sit on its laurels and gamble on Russia being on the “wrong side of history,” as Barack Obama says. The Washington Post editorial board has a middle-ground strategy: “It is time to hit Russia with the full brunt of financial sanctions, to supply Ukraine with the arms and intelligence it needs to defend its territorial integrity (which Russia itself once pledged to respect), to halt all military sales to Russia by Western nations – and to bolster the neglected North Atlantic Treaty Organization. … Nations around the world that rely on U.S. leadership and its commitment to the rule of law can only hope that he brings more passion to the cause at what deserves to be a historic NATO summit in Wales next week.” Would that stop Vladimir Putin? Not in the short term, but it’s the least we could do. More…

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