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White House Mum on Why It's Waiting Until after Elections

Oct. 15, 2014

ABC New’s Jonathan Karl tried to nail down the White House as to why ObamaCare premium numbers will not be released until after Election Day. “Why is it that last year Oct. 1 was the date, and this year it’s Nov. 15?” Karl asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “Why is it that people have to wait until after the election to find out whether they have a premium increase or decrease?” Earnest’s reply was so full of it that it’s puzzling why he didn’t leave immediately to brush his teeth. “Again, you are a very keen observer of the political process in this country,” Earnest replied. “You should be particularly when there is such an important election coming up. But so many of the important policy decision made in this administration and this White House are made for reasons other than politics. So I would refer you to the Department of Health and Human Services where the deadlines are established.” The Washington Times reports the premium rates will go up, which suggests the non-partisan HHS is anything but. More…

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