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Kerry: Fight Climate Change 'For Our Kids'

Nov. 4, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry warns the UN’s most recent climate report is “another canary in the coal mine.” In fact, he says, “Greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are higher than ever, and we’re seeing more and more extreme weather and climate events, whether it’s storm surges, devastating heat waves, and torrential rain, across the globe. It’s not a coincidence. With this report, we have yet another round of authoritative, peer-reviewed science to prove it. The bottom line is that our planet is warming due to human actions, the damage is already visible, and the challenge requires ambitious, decisive and immediate action.” By which he means economy-crushing regulation. “We can’t prevent a large scale disaster if we don’t heed this kind of hard Science™,” Kerry said. “The longer we are stuck in a debate over ideology and politics, the more the costs of inaction grow and grow. Those who choose to ignore or dispute the Science™ so clearly laid out in this report do so at great risk for all of us and for our kids and grandkids.” Yes, he pulled out the “do it for the kids” trump card. Liberals love that one. Oh, and Science™!

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