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Keystone Pipeline Fails in Senate

Nov. 19, 2014

Sen. Mary Landrieu tried. It probably felt weird voting with Republicans in the Senate on whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Landrieu has been pushing for the bill ever since she went into a runoff election for her Louisiana seat. Last night, the votes were cast and the Keystone pipeline was one vote short from ending up on Barack Obama’s desk – where it probably would have been vetoed. Never mind that all the senators but one from the states where the pipeline would run supported the bill. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “It certainly is a piece of legislation that the president doesn’t support because the president believes that this is something that should be determined through the State Department and the regular process that is in place to evaluate projects like this.” See? We have a process for these kinds of projects, and that begins with the president’s agenda. Oh well, the pipeline has another chance when the GOP takes Congress. More…

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