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Chaplain Warned About Sharing Faith in Suicide Prevention Class

Dec. 12, 2014

The 5th Ranger Training Battalion issued Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn a letter of concern over a suicide prevention session where Lawhorn talked about faith, quoted the Bible and told about his experiences with depression. The Army warned the chaplain to be “careful to avoid any perception you are advocating one system of beliefs over another.” But chaplain groups say Lawhorn did what a chaplain is supposed to do. Executive Director for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty Ron Crews said, “His story involves his faith journey. He was simply being a great Army chaplain – in ministering to his troops and providing first hand how he has dealt with depression in the past. That’s what chaplains do. They bare their souls for their soldiers in order to help them with crises they may be going through.” If chaplains can’t even do that, what can they do? More…

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