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New York Speaker Accused of Corruption

Jan. 28, 2015

And the cogs of the Democratic political machine go ‘round. The speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver faces corruption charges and now the Democrat Party will choose a new person to lead the Empire State’s legislature. New York City’s politicians are stark raving liberal, and yet, the rest of the state focuses much of its attention to the economic powerhouse of NYC. Silver positioned himself as a benevolent liberal who grew up from humble roots in the city. But the only person Silver has been good to has been himself. The feds are accusing “Shelly” of corruption in using his position on the powerful Public Authorities Control Board. Joann Lum, executive director for the National Mobilization Against Sweatshops, said Silver has betrayed the people in his district, giving land to luxury developers instead of creating low-income housing. “What we’ve seen of Silver is that he’s been totally in the pocket of developers,” she said. “He’s good here and there, on rent stabilization and teachers’ unions, but overwhelmingly, his record is about taking our land and resources to enrich developers. If we don’t do anything about low-income housing development, then we’re going to have a crisis in shelters and homelessness.” And while the next few days the Democrat Party in New York scrambles to find another interchangeable part to replace Silver. For as we all know, power corrupts. More…

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