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Jordan Nails ISIL on Prisoner Negotiation

Feb. 2, 2015

ISIL released over the weekend a video supposedly showing the beheading of Christian journalist Kenji Goto. In a fresh round of beheadings, it is not known if ISIL has murdered a Jordanian pilot whose F-16 was shot down during an airstrike over ISIL territory. Jordan has been in negotiations with the jihadist state, but ISIL never offered proof that the pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, was still alive. Now, Jordan is playing hardball. It has told ISIL if it discovers the militant Islamists have killed the pilot, Jordan will start executing the ISIL prisoners the country captured, including a dud suicide bomber. Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw writes, “If this were the United States on Jordan’s end of the negotiations, you’d probably never see something like this. It smacks of treating the criminal justice system as some sort of wispy, flexible fabric which can be bent or torn as circumstances demand in the name of revenge. But Jordan doesn’t labor under any such lofty ideals and can probably make good on the promise.” Shaw goes onto argue that violence is the only language these butchers understand. But integrity is just as important for countries as it is people. And we are a nation based on Rule of Law. More…

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