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Holder Says He Reformed Bush's Politicized DOJ

Feb. 4, 2015

Not only is Attorney General Eric Holder not political, but he cleaned up George W. Bush’s politicized Justice Department – says Eric Holder. “It’s a little irresponsible for people on the hill to say that policy differences that we have with them … can be characterized as political,” he said. “There’s been no politicization of this Justice Department.” He went further, insisting, “This notion … that somehow this Justice Department has been politicized is totally inconsistent with the facts. You want to look at a Justice Department that’s been politicized, you look at the one I inherited.” Not only that, he insisted, “I will leave this department in the way I found it when I came here back in 1976 – with high morale, with people who are dedicated to doing things only on the basis of the facts and the law. I’m proud of the historic things we have done. I hope the American people would not fall prey to interesting sound bites that are simply not consistent with facts.” If you want to know the actual facts, as opposed to Holder’s spin, make sure and read more about Holder: Obama’s Criminal Co-Conspirator.

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