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Nobody Needs 10 Rounds Unless 'Arming Against the Government'

Feb. 10, 2015

Undeterred by their ignominious defeat in the midterm elections, Democrats are bound and determined to keep pushing a losing issue – gun control. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), who so thoroughly politicized the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, introduced a bill to ban all magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. He exploited a recent security crisis on Capitol Hill. Capitol Police claim to have foiled a planned mass murder in the halls of Congress. “Think of the damage that someone could do in the U.S. Capitol with 30 rounds,” Murphy warned. Because he says he hasn’t met “a single hunter or a single person who hunts for sport” who needs more than 10 rounds, he thinks none of us need that many. In fact, if we do, we’re “arming against the government.” That’s an interesting thing to say since the final straw for colonists who launched their bid for independence from Great Britain was Redcoats coming to confiscate ammo and arms. Just saying. More…

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