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Manning's Money for Hormones

Feb. 13, 2015

Back in the day, traitors were hanged. Now, they’re given taxpayer dollars for hormone treatment and gender reassignment. Such is the case with Bradley Manning, who now fancies himself to be “Chelsea.” The former Army private leaked a trove of classified documents to Wikileaks and was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison. He’s now a resident of the prison at Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks in Kansas, where the commandant, Col. Erica Nelson, granted Manning’s request. “After carefully considering the recommendation that (hormone treatment) is medically appropriate and necessary, and weighing all associated safety and security risks presented,” she wrote, “I approve adding (hormone treatment) to Inmate Manning’s treatment plan.” Such “transgender” individuals are still prohibited from serving in the military, so perhaps the fact that he’s a prisoner works in his favor – if you can call it that. More…

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