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Right Hooks

Nobody Even Read Hillary's Deleted Emails

Mar. 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton deleted her “personal” emails wholesale – without so much as reading them first. Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt writes, “How did Hillary Clinton know that the tens of thousands of emails from her time in office she ordered destroyed were personal? Did she or even her staff scroll through her sent items scanning emails about ‘yoga routines’ or ‘family vacations’ before deleting them? Nope. No one looked at them. The Clinton campaign said those emails that did not crop up in a keyword search performed by her team were automatically deleted. No eyes. No one to be subpoenaed. Just highlight all and press delete. That method seems better for missing emails than to finding them. And it would sound reckless and haphazard coming from another politician. In this case, though, it sounds like a woman covering her tracks in preparation for a long and bloody legal fight over subpoenas to come.” The story isn’t going to go away just because Clinton hit the delete key. More…

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