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Obama May Have Sabotaged Hillary's Campaign

Mar. 16, 2015

Edward Klein wrote a whole book on the animosity between Barack Obama and the Clinton political dynasty. In his book, “Blood Feud,” he says Obama views a Hillary Clinton presidency as a threat because she could undo many of his policies. Now, Klein is out with another bombshell: It was the Obama administration – specifically senior advisor Valerie Jarrett – that leaked the story about Hillary’s secret email server to the press. “Six separate probes into Hillary’s performance have been going on at the State Department,” Klein writes. “I’m told that the email scandal was timed to come out just as Hillary was on the verge of formally announcing that she was running for president – and that there’s more to come.” Of course, the White House is pushing back against the report, denying everything and saying, in the words of Obama spokesman Josh Earnest, that it’s “utter baloney.” But this is also the administration that pointed to a YouTube video as impetus for the 2012 attack at Benghazi. This alleged leak certainly strains to the breaking point the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” There is no lesser of two evils in these two factions of the Left. Pick your poison: Obama is a rabidly ideological socialist and Hillary is a corrupt Washingtonista. More…

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