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Russian White House Hacking Shows We're Not Prepared

Apr. 9, 2015

The Obama administration is cleaning up after someone – possibly Russian government hackers – infiltrated the White House computer network. While the hackers didn’t infiltrate the classified computer network (nuclear launch codes are still safe), they did have access to Barack Obama’s full schedule – a prize for any intelligence operation. More damning than that, the hackers accessed the White House by going through the State Department’s computer network. Even after the intrusion was discovered, the department still doesn’t know whether they shut the hackers out or not. It’s one of the most sophisticated attacks on a U.S. network by a foreign government. Sen. Susan Collins said the reports of the breach are “troubling and further expose that our nation’s defenses against cyber-attacks are dangerously inadequate.” There’s a bill in Congress that would bolster cyber security, she continued. But seeing how Sen. Lindsey Graham never sent an email, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein wants “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” taken off the Internet because she thinks it violates the First Amendment, it seems some in Washington just need to master basic skills, let alone provide the leadership to counter a cyber threat. More…

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