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Protests Over Death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore Turn Violent

Dan Gilmore · Apr. 26, 2015

More of the riot first, facts later protesters smashed the windows of police cars and threw objects at police Sunday evening over the mysterious death of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old was arrested April 12 because he suspiciously ran from police and had a knife clipped to the front pocket of his jeans. Gray died a week later from a spinal injury he received while in a police van, which prompted the Baltimore PD to suspend six officers without pay pending the outcome of the department’s investigation.

In response to the violence that briefly sent a baseball game at Camden Yards into lockdown, the Baltimore Police Department arrested at least a dozen people. Yes, there are serious questions about what happened to Gray, but the Baltimore PD needs to fully investigate the incident before any conclusions can be drawn. The violent protesters are only distracting from the questions at hand. As Jazz Shaw writes at Hot Air, Baltimore police are responding in an open manner, yet some protestors are saying they will “shut down” Baltimore nonetheless.

It seems like Gray was arrested for a knife that might have been legal in The Free State, and the police’s inattention to his injuries might have caused his death. But facts are still forthcoming. More…

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