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Lynch Officially Takes Up Holder's Torch

Jordan Candler · Apr. 28, 2015

On Monday, new Attorney General Loretta Lynch was sworn in, formally taking over for the contemptuous Eric Holder. And to say she entered the position amid chaos is an understatement. Gangs throughout Baltimore continued to wreak violence and havoc, injuring police officers and destroying property in protest over the death of Freddie Gray, the circumstances of which are still unknown. In response, one of Lynch’s first acts on the job was to send in the troops. “The Department of Justice will send two officials to Baltimore amid clashes in the city between police and citizens,” The Hill reports.

We wish we could say she will be an improvement over her predecessor, but all evidence suggests she will continue the Holder legacy. Joe Biden illuminated this concern at Monday’s swearing-in ceremony when he said, “[Lynch] is a woman who is incredibly qualified, just like Eric Holder, who I’ve known and has been my close friend for years and years and years, over 30 years.” He added, “He might be one of the finest attorney generals [sic] we have had. He has been in this environment of such political hostility. He has stood his ground on principle. He has never yielded. And he has been right.”

If he was one of the finest attorneys general in American history, why are sights like Ferguson and Baltimore seemingly becoming the norm? Lynch has a lot of work to do — but at least she’d be hard pressed to make things worse.

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