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Trans Fat Ban's Other Detrimental Effect

Jordan Candler · Jun. 18, 2015

The government’s new ban on trans fats goes beyond junk science and individual liberty. It’s also an economic killer. As The Daily Signal’s Natalie Johnson writes, “The Food and Drug Administration estimates its newly announced ban on artificial trans fats could hit food manufacturers with $12-to-$14 billion in losses.” USA Today reports that food manufacturers “will have to pay to research and test new ingredients plus reprint labels and repackage products, which could cost up to $200,000 per product, estimates Roger Clemens, a pharmacology professor at University of Southern California.” Heritage Foundation fellow Daren Bakst says, “For some companies, it may not even be feasible to try and develop an alternative.” Consequently, like all regulations, those costs will ultimately get passed down to you, the consumer. In addition to infantilizing American citizens, the FDA risks driving already high grocery costs even higher. More…

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