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'Erasing Hate' Campaign Seeks Purge of All Things Confederate

And you only thought the controversy had passed.

Nate Jackson · Sep. 3, 2015

And you thought the controversy over the Confederate flag had passed. The Southern Poverty Law Center ostensibly tracks “hate groups” but is itself an über-leftwing atheist organization with its own hateful agenda. The SPLC is now soliciting help from the public in mapping all Confederate flags, monuments, memorials, street names, parks, mascots and any other example of Confederate memory as part of its “Erasing Hate” campaign. “The Confederate flag doesn’t just represent Southern ‘heritage,’” insists SPLC Founder Morris Dees. “It’s a deeply divisive symbol used by racist groups — one that was raised above state capitols in the Deep South during the civil rights movement to show that they stood for white supremacy. There’s no place for this or other symbols of the Confederacy in our public spaces.” Aside from the well-publicized removal of the flag from the South Carolina state capitol grounds, leftists have already targeted statues and even the graves of Confederate soldiers for removal. We’re still waiting for the SPLC to demand the removal of the rainbow flag from public display after a deranged black homosexual murdered two white journalists on live TV.

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