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Canada's Liberal Government Will Be a Lesson to Us

The Liberal Party swept Canada's elections last night.

Dan Gilmore · Oct. 20, 2015

Oh, Canada. The Liberal Party swept Canada’s elections last night, placing Justin Trudeau in the prime minister position, and snatching up 184 of the 338 seats in the country’s parliament. This will allow the party to rule without the help of any other political factions, and the new policies will affect the United States. For example, Canada’s old leadership supported and lobbied for the Keystone XL pipeline. But banish that dream, as Trudeau, 43, has been likened to a young Obama. The Canadian leader said his goal is to improve relations with his southern neighbor, and he is less invested in the project than the last Canadian leader. Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal noted that Canada will pull out from the fight against the Islamic State — probably a policy Obama wishes he could adopt. In fact, Trudeau has vowed to employ the laundry list of liberal policy wishes, including raising taxes on the rich, running deficits in the budget and legalizing marijuana. Hasn’t Canada watched the U.S. economy flounder because of a liberal-run economy for the last seven years? Now, it will be the case study of the fruit of a liberal government.

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