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Speaker Ryan Sets New Course for GOP

It's time to get a mandate from the people.

Dan Gilmore · Dec. 4, 2015
Speaker Paul Ryan. Photo courtesy speaker.gov

There’s a new leader in Washington. In a speech given at the Library of Congress Thursday, Speaker Paul Ryan said it is time for conservatives to present their vision for America — despite Barack Obama’s veto pen. “If we want to save the country, then we need a mandate from the people,” Ryan said. “And if we want a mandate, then we need to offer ideas. And if we want to offer ideas, then we need to actually have ideas. And that’s where House Republicans come in. So, our number-one goal for the next year is to put together an alternative to the Left’s agenda.” The 21st century has left progressives behind, Ryan said, as society has decentralized. Everything is moving at a faster pace. These factors render the big-statists and their top-down solutions useless. The Daily Signal listed five areas where Ryan said Congress could push forward conservative solutions: reforming the tax system, offer a replacement to ObamaCare, reform entitlement spending, come to a trade agreement, and upgrade the U.S. military into a 21st century fighting force. For far too long, Republicans have simply tried to hold the line against Obama and his policies. Republicans have the House, Senate and a leader with new ideas. It’s time to lead.

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