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Right Hooks

Court Rules Trans Student Can Use Bathroom of Choice

Established law and right to privacy or no, you will be made to care.

Political Editors · Apr. 20, 2016

A federal appeals court in Richmond ruled Tuesday that a Virginia school district discriminated against a high school student who identifies as male when it prevented her from using the boys’ bathrooms at school. Because The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit also presides over North Carolina, this ruling could also impact the state’s law that requires people use the bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex. To make its 2-1 ruling, the court said a letter the Department of Education issued in 2015 suggesting that Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 be expanded to protect gender identity was actually a rule revision by the agency. And so, the bench overturned the school district’s policy. But as the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson writes, that letter was merely an opinion by the Department of Education, not something with statutory force. Furthermore, Anderson wrote, “Bathroom, locker room, and shower facility policies that protect privacy based on biology while also accommodating transgender students make good sense.” The school board attempted to provide an accommodation for the student by directing her to the single-occupancy restrooms in the school. But the Rainbow Mafia wasn’t satisfied, as it wanted complete victory, not accommodation for the rights of other students.

This comes as ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling is in hot water again for sharing a political meme, this time an image that points out if you object to men using women’s restrooms, you’ll be labeled a bigot. Last year, Schilling was suspended after he shared a meme originally created by The Patriot Post. Established law and right to privacy or no, you will be made to care.

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