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Obama's Policy: Don't Fight Terror, Fund It

Hamstringing the fight against ISIL while funding Iranian terror.

Nate Jackson · Sep. 14, 2016

After opening the Islamic State-era by dismissing it as the “JV team,” Barack Obama has intermittently had some success but mostly failure in his “Inherent Resolve” campaign to “degrade and ultimate destroy” al-Qaida’s successor. He is responsible for creating it, after all. The latest story is that U.S. commanders are lamenting how Obama’s micromanagement of the airstrike campaign is leaving half of all combat sorties returning without having dropped a bomb. One reason for this is Obama’s primary desire to avoid civilian casualties at all costs. No one wants civilian casualties, but when Islamic State fighters hide among civilian populations, that makes the air campaign far more difficult. Par for the course with Obama’s restrictive rules of engagement, literally half the time, the U.S. takes no action to kill terrorists. No wonder military morale is so low.

It’s not just the hamstringing of our own forces, either. Obama is funding terror groups with his cash ransom payments to Iran. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted earlier this year that some of the money might end up in the wrong hands, but he dismissed it as no big deal. A new report reveals just how much of Obama’s ransom payments went to Iranian terror — $37.4 million. We’d say that’s a big deal.

Obama once famously summed up his foreign policy as “don’t do stupid s—.” Between creating the Islamic State and then refusing to fight it very hard, and funding the Iranian terror apparatus, we’d say that’s the epitome of doing stupid s—.

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