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Even Bill Clinton Thinks ObamaCare Is 'Crazy'

Friendly fire is more evidence of trouble.

Lewis Morris · Oct. 5, 2016

When Democrat standard bearers like Bill Clinton and The New York Times start telling the truth about the utter failure of ObamaCare, you can be certain that dark days lie ahead.

Recent developments regarding the so-called “Affordable” Care Act have come to light that leave virtually no doubt in the minds of even the law’s supporters that ObamaCare is broken beyond repair.

Last week, Minnesota became the latest state to acknowledge that its individual insurance market, including the health insurance exchange, is facing collapse. Tennessee made the same announcement just a few weeks before. Over half of the state exchanges have gone bankrupt since the law went into effect, and insurance companies are leaving the existing ones in droves. A perfect storm of skyrocketing premiums, sharp drops in enrollment, and incessant government meddling have made the individual insurance exchanges a veritable wasteland for insurance companies.

What is the Obama administration’s solution? To double down and get more involved by opening up a public option to offer more choice for consumers. What this amounts to is another step toward the single-payer system that the Left has really wanted all along.

The Obama administration has been “tinkering” with ObamaCare since it became law. And let’s not lose sight of the fact that virtually all of the changes made are unconstitutional because it is not the job of the executive branch to rewrite laws at its own discretion. But, then again, Democrats also firmly believe that the only reason any of their programs ever fail is because the government is not involved enough. It never occurs to them to consider that government intrusion is what causes the problem in the first place. They just automatically assume in their hubris that we are not throwing enough taxpayer money at the problem.

Case in point: The employer-funded insurance programs, from which Washington remains relatively hands-off, are running just fine. It’s the individual insurance exchanges, which are spread throughout the states, but run from Washington, that are collapsing. Coincidence?

The public option that is now being floated is only a paltry second act for the co-ops that all crashed and burned. And they did so because the government tried to artificially manipulate the market.

One recent example of this unwarranted market meddling is the risk corridor plan put in place in 2014 to level out the winners and losers among insurers. Profitable companies were required to pay into a reserve fund that would cover the losses for less fortunate insurers. Of course, the program was a disaster from its very first year when the amount paid in by the profitable companies fell $2.5 billion short of the amount requested by the losing insurers.

The government wanted to cover the loss with taxpayer money, but Congress was wise enough to stipulate in the law that money paid out could only come from the risk corridor fund. The losing insurers are suing the government to recoup their losses, which the government promised it would do, but the Obama administration is trying to get the lawsuits thrown out on the grounds that the government is actually not responsible for covering their losses.

No wonder Hillary Clinton hasn’t said much about ObamaCare on the campaign trail. Other than noting behind closed doors that fixes need to be made, she has been silent on the matter.

Her husband, however, has said plenty. Speaking at a campaign rally in Michigan, Bill Clinton called ObamaCare a “crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”

Obama, however, remains publicly confident, and has taken the time in the press to praise the law and congressional Democrats for having the courage to vote for it despite the damage it did — and may still do — to their political standing.

History is unlikely to be kind to ObamaCare, a boondoggle that was pushed on an American public that wasn’t even asking for it. It is a law that was draped in lies in order to get it passed. “You can keep your doctor.” “We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it.” “Your premiums will not go up one dime.” These soundbites are engrained in the political vernacular now, symbolizing the worst elements of politics and the inherent character flaw of the Democrats that centralized government knows best.

Trump and the Republicans need to force Clinton into a conversation about ObamaCare in these final weeks before the election. Don’t let her run away from the issue. Force her to engage and defend it. Remind the voters of the damage that has been done these last eight years, and link her directly to it. Then watch what happens on Election Day.

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