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Yet More New York Times Propaganda

Seeking to protect Obama's Iran deal with biased "experts."

Political Editors · Nov. 20, 2016

The New York Times infamously justified throwing out any pretense of objective journalism when covering Donald Trump’s campaign. Post-election, the paper “rededicated” itself to ethical journalism. And yet it still managed to release a story headlined: “76 Experts Urge Donald Trump to Keep Iran Deal.” But the 76 “experts” are all avowed leftists, as National Review exposes. These “experts” signed a report issued by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which is a lobbying arm of the Iranian government. Is there any question that the NIAC would be pushing to salvage Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal from Trump’s pledge to pull out of it? On a side note, this is one of the glaring weaknesses of executive orders, they can be rescinded just as easily as they were enacted.

Still, the question of what Trump should do regarding the Iranian nuclear deal has no easy answer. Although rescinding Obama’s unilateral executive orders are easily accomplished, the problem of a policy vacuum created by the revoking of Obama’s Iran deal will need to be addressed by wise consideration and construction of lasting policy. That process will take some time, and the executive and legislative branches actively working together.

Trump would do well to ignore the recommendations of that yellowing Gray Lady. Too many Republicans have tried in vain to placate the objections of the Leftmedia only to find themselves ridiculed by both the Left and the Right for becoming spineless flip-flops.

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