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Putting Energy in the Energy Department

Trump taps Rick Perry to forge ahead.

Political Editors · Dec. 13, 2016

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who in the 2012 campaign humorously forgot one of three departments he wanted to abolish, has been tapped by Donald Trump to head the very department he forgot — the Energy Department. This is major shift for Perry, as he denounced Trump’s candidacy when he swung his support to Ted Cruz. He called Trump “a cancer on conservatism” and a “barking carnival act.” When it came to the general election, however, Perry offered support for Trump, saying that he would be there to help in any way he could. He’s a team player.

Perry boasts a strong resumé featuring an “all of the above” approach to U.S. energy production. He has been a strong critic of climate alarmists. While governor of Texas, Perry actively and successfully recruited California companies to move to Texas’ friendlier business climate, helping to boost the Lone Star State’s economy. While much of the nation was still suffering from the recession, Texas saw economic growth under Perry’s pro-business leadership.

With both the choices of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA and now Perry, Trump is showing that he is committed to the goal of rolling back as much government over-regulation as possible. This is yet another move by Trump to seek to further “drain” the DC swamp. And it displays the ability of both of these men to shed past disagreements in order to work together to achieve the greater common goal.

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