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MSM Hates on Trump

A new study finds that the coverage of the president is even more negative than most people might realize.

Thomas Gallatin · Apr. 20, 2017

The Media Research Center has released its study on the mainstream media’s coverage of Donald Trump thus far. And — surprise, surprise — the coverage has been overwhelmingly negative. MRC found that the major news networks gave Trump “by far the most hostile press treatment of any incoming American president.” According to the study, the combined coverage of the big three networks of ABC, CBS and NBC from Trump’s inauguration to present has been 89% negative. Richard Noyes MRC’s research director said of the imbalanced coverage, “Their coverage seems no different than what you get from liberal politicians or liberal editorialists. It’s vehemently, stridently critical of this president. And they were demonstrably supportive of the last president.”

Barack Obama enjoyed decidedly positive media coverage throughout his time in office, especially during his first 100 days “honeymoon” period: 58% positive to 42% negative. The report observed that with Trump the MSM has “largely ignored important national priorities such as jobs and the fight against ISIS,” and has instead focused “a news agenda that has been dominated by anti-Trump controversies and which closely matches what would be expected from an opposition party.”

Granted, this isn’t new news, but rather confirms what Americans have witnessed since Trump entered the Republican race. The Leftmedia initially wanted Trump to win the nomination as it viewed him as the weakest and easiest opponent for Hillary Clinton to defeat. Prior to Trump’s nomination, his media coverage, positive or negative, was wildly disproportionate to that of other candidates. The media was entertained by him as people find clowns entertaining, but never took him seriously. Not only did the Leftmedia grossly underestimate Trump, they underestimated Americans’ frustration with Washington and its elitist establishment ruling class.

But Trump’s election shocked the Leftmedia. Its candidate, Clinton, could not on the merits defeat even Trump. So the Leftmedia determined it was not about to grant any honeymoon period or even offer objective coverage of Trump. No, it would now do all it can to ensure that Trump has no chance of winning in 2020. Noyes concludes, “I expect this is going to be the trend for the next four years, that you’re going to see the media acting as a hostile opposition party to this president.” Out on a limb…

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