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Last Conservative No Longer Standing

In March, Tim Allen said Hollywood "is like '30s Germany." In May, his hit show gets canceled. Coincidence?

Nate Jackson · May 12, 2017

In March, conservative comedian Tim Allen stirred trouble when he told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that it’s tough being conservative in Hollywood. “You’ve got to be real careful around here,” Allen said. “You get beat up if [you] don’t believe what everybody believes. This is like ‘30s Germany. I don’t know what happened. If you’re not part of the group — [They say,] 'You know, what we believe is right’ — I go, ‘Well, I might have a problem with that.’” Allen has also been vocally supportive of Donald Trump from time to time.

Lo and behold, the next contract renewals come up for his hit sitcom, “Last Man Standing,” and ABC axes its third highest-rated scripted show.

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey just said in December that the network wanted to make a concerted effort to reach Trump voters. “With our dramas, we have a lot of shows that feature very well-to-do, well-educated people, who are driving very nice cars and living in extremely nice places,” Dungey said. “But in recent history we haven’t paid enough attention to some of the true realities of what life is like for everyday Americans in our dramas.”

So much for that.

Deadline Hollywood reports the cancellation was due to contract haggling between ABC and Fox’s production studios: “The Tim Allen-starring multi-camera sitcom often had gone down to the wire on renewals, with ABC and producing studio 20th Century Fox TV wrangling over the series’ license fee. ABC is supposed to cover the cost of the show at this point in its run, and LMS is on the higher end for a multi-camera sitcom because of the marquee salary Allen commands, but 20th TV had agreed to license fee reductions in the past and reportedly were open to another one. This time, there was no negotiating or bargaining, with ABC simply deciding against another season.”

Come on, we’re supposed to believe that it’s licensing fees and not politics? This can’t be coincidence, can it?

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