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Portland and the 'Peaceful Protesters'

It wasn't the pro-Trump crowd causing trouble; it was leftist "anti-fascist" thugs who attacked police.

Paul Albaugh · Jun. 6, 2017

On Sunday, the city of Portland, Oregon, became the latest example of anarchists gone wild. What started out as peaceful protests quickly escalated into violence and ended with 14 arrests. It’s always appalling when protests turn violent, but it’s outrageous when Leftmedia “news” outlets falsely paint conservatives as the ones who are at fault.

First, some background that’s relevant to the media’s portrayal. Over a week ago, a man named Jeremy Christian (allegedly) murdered two men and wounded another after the men intervened against his alleged racist rant against two Muslim girls. Christian stabbed the three men and was arrested not long after and just blocks away from the train station where the incident took place.

It turns out that despite Christian trying to make himself look patriotic and American, he was anything but. He was a Bernie Sanders fanboy, who, because of the bitter primary, posted death threats against Hillary Clinton on Facebook. He was also a white supremacist known for verbally bashing women and transgender people. Conservative, liberal and even anarchist groups wanted nothing to do with him.

One week after the stabbings, another group called Patriot Prayer staged a pro-President Trump free speech rally in Schrunk Plaza.

Across the street, left-wing protesters gathered outside City Hall to antagonize the pro-Trumpers, declaring that they wanted to “stand against hate and racism.” Meanwhile, there was also a third group who gathered nearby at Chapman Square — people were clad in masks and carrying bricks, knives and other weapons. This group is part of what’s come to be known as “antifa,” which is short for anti-fascist. But in case it wasn’t obvious, antifa thugs are the fascists.

Care to guess which group caused all of the trouble?

The latest Washington Post headlines reveals who they want you to believe was causing all of the trouble: “Right-wing free speech rally draws massive counter protests in Portland.”

That’s right — the paper implies that a group of right-wingers incited violence when others showed up to protest. Now what sense does that make? Several conservative groups came together to hold a rally in support of President Trump and in support of free speech. Another group, composed of leftist agitators, supposedly standing against hate and racism, show up to protest. Then the third group, “antifa,” arrive with weapons to protest the pro-Trump supporters because the supposed anti-fascists allege that Trump is a fascist. Those masked thugs attacked police, resulting in multiple arrests. Yet the Washington Post manages to paint the conservative group as hateful and supporting fascism and Nazism.

Worse, the Post tried to portray the conservatives as supporters of Jeremy Christian. It isn’t going to work. The conservative groups were holding a rally to show support for President Trump and for free speech, not the hate speech that Christian and other neo-Nazis in the city were accustomed to use.

Democracy Dies in Darkness” indeed.

But the Leftmedia would have everyone believe that today’s conservative is the modern version of the thugs who composed Germany’s National Socialist Workers Party. Our leftist-controlled “education” system teaches this, too.

Sadly, violent protests like this in Portland show no signs of abating over the coming months and years. We are a divided nation on just about everything. And increasingly violent leftists, for whom the ends justify the means, are making things downright dangerous.

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