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Demo/MSM Demolition Backed by Demo Donor

Media says media bias is totally justified. And a Demo donor pushes for impeachment. They're related.

Nate Jackson · Jun. 13, 2017

Media bias isn’t news — the mainstream media has always leaned hard left. In fact, countering that bias was one of the main reasons for launching The Patriot Post in 1996. Last month, we noted a study that showed not just bias, but Trump Derangement Syndrome in the media. An astounding 80% of the MSM’s overage coverage of Donald Trump has been negative. The Washington Post (83% negative) has taken a particularly noticeable nosedive in our opinion, becoming an obsessed, rant-filled rag. Every single day, its email broadcasts are full of literally nothing but negative Trump headlines.

“Isn’t that terribly unfair?” the Post’s Margaret Sullivan asks. “Here’s my carefully nuanced answer: Hell, no.”

She continues, “That’s because when we consider negative vs. positive coverage of an elected official, we’re asking the wrong question. … If a president is doing a rotten job, it’s the duty of the press to report how and why he’s doing a rotten job.”

Fair enough in a sense. Barack Obama, in our estimation, almost never merited positive coverage because he was doing a rotten job. But the true conservative complaint about the media isn’t that they don’t offer one good news story for every bad news one. It’s that they make up news out of whole cloth and use it to push an agenda, all while pretending to be objectively calling balls and strikes. Sullivan is essentially protesting that they’re not the ones pitching; they’re just umpiring. And that’s hogwash. The Demo/MSM propaganda machine‘s sole purpose since helping Trump win the GOP nomination has been to destroy him and derail his agenda, using fake news whenever it suits them. Sullivan promises that will continue as long as Trump is “doing a rotten job.”

In a seemingly unrelated news item that actually illustrates our point, Tom Steyer, a billionaire lefty who’s superPAC donated $100 million to Democrats in 2016, wrote a letter to Congress imploring them to begin impeachment proceedings. He argues that the “clear and undisputed facts about Mr. Trump’s attempt to impede an FBI investigation demand an immediate impeachment inquiry by the House of Representatives.”

When the media’s revenue is soaring thanks to its hyperventilating Trump coverage, and when the Democrats’ top donor is calling for impeachment, it seems to us that’s evidence of collusion on a massive and institutional scale.

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