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Media Hide the Facts: Murderer of Muslim Girl Is an Illegal

Seeking to hold their narrative of America being awash in "Islamophobia," the Leftmedia avoid the story.

Thomas Gallatin · Jun. 29, 2017

After a crazed leftist attacked and wounded Republican congressmen and others as they practiced for a baseball game, much national attention and scrutiny came down upon the Leftmedia for its negative and often vitriolic coverage of Donald Trump since his election. Reeling from being rightly criticized for fomenting much of the current toxic political climate, the mainstream media learned of a young Muslim girl, Nabra Hassanen, who had been brutally murdered in Reston, Virginia. Could this be a possible concrete example in support of the MSM’s long running narrative that Trump and conservatives were to blame for creating a “climate of hate”?


While officially the police were saying that the motive for the crime was “road rage,” the Leftmedia worked overtime to highlight the fact that Hassanen was a Muslim, implying it was a hate crime. Some took it even further, with Tara Burton of Vox writing, “It may well be true that in the case of Hassanen, no verbal slurs were exchanged. … But it’s nonetheless equally true that Torre’s choice to harass a group of visibly Muslim teenagers cannot help but tie into a wider discourse about the roles and acceptance of Muslim Americans.” So the Leftmedia’s message is essentially that no matter the details and motive for the crime, the underlying reason behind it all must be “Islamophobia.”

Conveniently absent from the MSM’s coverage of the tragic story was the fact that the murder, Darwin Martinez Torres, was an illegal alien. In fact, it was later learned that a week before he killed Hassanen, he had attacked and sexually assaulted a woman in Loudoun County, Virginia. The woman he assaulted also claimed that he was a member of the MS-13 gang. In other words, the MSM suggestion that the underlying motive for the attack was a manifestation Trump-inspired “Islamophobia” is asinine.

Ironically, this is a story of a clash between two of the Left’s favorite “victim” groups. And once again, the reality on the ground runs counter to the MSM’s favored narrative. Trump’s agenda to rein in illegal immigration is not born out of racism, but a desire to protect American citizens. But the media distorts or avoids the truth because they fear it will upend their whole open-borders agenda.

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