Video: CNN's Apples, Bananas and Lemons — Oh My!

The Cable News Network's attempt at a lighthearted ad opened it up for lampooning.

Political Editors · Oct. 26, 2017

It all started with CNN’s too-cute-by-half ad about how factual its reporting is.

CNN can put “FACTS” in all caps, however, and most of the country knows the network is little more than a part of the leftist propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. Well that got a few folks in on the idea of making fun of CNN.

The NRA called CNN out for what it really is — a lemon.

The Daily Wire had a go, moving the issue to one of gender.

Heck, even BuzzFeed — famous for lolcats and … oh by the way releasing the phony Clinton-funded dossier — got in on the act. And when BuzzFeed is making fun of you, the game is up.

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