Thursday Top Headlines

Border wall negotiations, infrastructure coming, more tax reform bonuses, and more.

Political Editors · Jan. 25, 2018
  • Trump arrives in Davos, set to promote his ‘America First’ policy (Fox News)

  • Trump seeks $25 billion for border wall, offers ‘Dreamer’ citizenship (Reuters)

  • DOJ escalates pressure on sanctuary cities (The Washington Times)

  • President will announce $1.7 trillion infrastructure package at State of the Union (The Hill)

  • Federal spending set record during government shutdown (CNS News)

  • Pelosi “Armageddon” update: Starbucks to increase wages, improve benefits for 150K employees (Fox News)

  • Home Depot hourly employees to receive up to $1,000 bonus (Fox Business)

  • Hyper hypocrisy: Pelosi tries to extend $137,000 tax break for two of her multi-million-dollar homes (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Amid deep partisan divide, Pence breaks tie to confirm religious freedom nominee (CNS News)

  • Trump: I am willing to talk to Mueller under oath (ABC News)

  • Thousands of FBI cellphones affected by glitch that lost Strzok-Page texts, officials say (Fox News)

  • U.S. Navy’s newest ships stuck in unexpected ice in Canada (Popular Mechanics)

  • Cecile Richards leaves behind brutal legacy as she steps down from Planned Parenthood amid federal investigation (The Daily Signal)

  • George Soros spent record amount lobbying during Trump’s first year (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Policy: To celebrate school choice, expand federal support for charter schools (Washington Examiner)

  • Policy: High-tax states should lower their taxes instead of trying to evade federal taxes (The Daily Signal)

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