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Jan. 30, 2018

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Stephen Moore: “Last month the tax bill was favored by only about one in four voters, but it is growing more popular every day, as voters discover that liberals were lying all along about who really benefits from the bill. If these bonuses and pay raises are mere ‘crumbs,’ as millionaire Nancy Pelosi hisses, workers want more of them. As the old saying goes: Nothing succeeds like success. Republicans should seize the moment of this tax cut miracle cure and make sure that the cuts don’t expire anytime soon. Only about a third of the tax bill’s benefits are permanent. Most of the cuts for the middle class — including the lower income tax rates, the doubling of the standard deduction, and the additional $500 per child tax credit — will expire after 2024 because of arcane budget rules. But fixing that problem is easy: Vote to make the tax cuts permanent so no one faces a tax hike. … If Democrats vote thumbs down again, the party will appear all the more hopelessly out of touch with middle class workers. They will be voting to allow middle class taxes to go up. Bernie Sanders recently said on CNN: ‘We should’ve made the tax cuts for the middle class permanent.’ Well, Bernie, now’s your chance to do just that.”

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