Friday Top Headlines

Mueller's charges, Mattis and transgendered troops, North Korea sanctions, and more.

Political Editors · Feb. 23, 2018
  • Parkland shooting: Armed school resource officer/sheriff’s deputy “never went in” to school during shooting (NBC News)

  • Trump: I never said I wanted to arm all teachers (The Daily Wire)

  • CNN: Trump shouldn’t call mass shooter a ‘sicko’ because it’s stigmatizing (Hot Air)

  • Mueller files new charges against Manafort, Gates (The Hill)

  • Growing body of research rejects transgender movement (The Washington Times)

  • Mattis expected to back allowing transgender troops to stay in the military (The Washington Post)

  • Marine Corps again eases infantry officer standards, this time for hiking (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Trump launching “largest-ever” package of sanctions against North Korea (Reuters)

  • Seattle residents complained about a “Confederate flag,” but it was actually the flag of Norway (The Daily Wire)

  • West Virginia’s teachers walk off the job, protesting low pay and benefit cuts (NPR)

  • Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens indicted for felony invasion of privacy (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

  • Humor: Study: 90% of Americans strongly opposed to each other (The Onion)

  • Policy: Public unions are violating workers’ constitutional rights (Real Clear Policy)

  • Policy: Universal basic income harms recipients and increases dependence (The Heritage Foundation)

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