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Sociopath Austin Bomber a Self-Solver

The end of a horrific three weeks came when the perpetrator detonated himself when police closed in.

Nate Jackson · Mar. 21, 2018

In what explosive investigators typically call a “self-solver,” the man believed to be responsible for the recent string of bombings in Austin, Texas, blew himself up early this morning as police closed in on his vehicle. As with all mass killers seeking fame, we won’t name the 24-year-old white male perpetrator. Since March 2, he’s responsible for killing two people and injuring four with four bombs, including one triggered by a trip wire. A fifth bomb exploded Tuesday without incident at a FedEx facility near Austin, and an unexploded sixth device was discovered at another FedEx distribution center. As Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted, “More work needs to be done to ensure no more bombs had been sent before he died.” Part of the terror of the whole thing was that the killer attacked homes through the modern convenience of package delivery, even if the first three packages were left on doorsteps overnight and not delivered by a service.

It’s natural to want to know what motivated this murderer, and there’s speculation over a ideological or political rationale — especially since the two dead men were black. Yet other packages were rigged to detonate at random. Investigators may uncover some underlying motive. But the bottom line is that he was a sociopath, and, over the last 50 years, there has been a drastic increase in the number of these individuals. A huge reason for that is the disintegration of the family, often caused by statist welfare policies. Until we fix our culture, these sorts of things will continue to be a horrific part of American life.

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