Focusing on the Bigger Threat — Bureaucracy

Ralph Peters says the "deep state" is a phony threat. He's very wrong, and here's why.

Harold Hutchison · Mar. 22, 2018

The recent resignation of retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters as a Fox News contributor, citing, among other things, the network’s pro-Donald Trump propaganda complete with discussions about the “Deep State,” is being milked by the mainstream media. Peters has served the country in the United States Army, and when it comes to external threats to the United States, he has generally been on target.

But when he is wrong, he can be tragically so. In 2009, he supported the Obama administration’s successful effort to end F-22 production. With a resurgent Russia, it would be nice to have more than 187 Raptors on hand. In this case, his resignation and decision to blast Fox News as a propaganda outlet over the concerns being aired about Robert Mueller investigation could prove to be very mistaken in the future.

When it comes to worries about the Deep State, there are reasons to be worried. Forget, for a moment, the FBI. Look at the IRS scandal and Lois Lerner. Lerner was the apparent point person who ran the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups — and she retired with a six-figure pension and wants her deposition permanently sealed. This is just the most egregious.

The Justice Department has had its share of problems, not least of which was Fast and Furious, where hundreds of semiautomatic firearms were allowed to fall into the hands of drug cartels. Former Attorney General Eric Holder got a contempt of Congress citation, but has walked free, and is even considering a presidential run.

These pre-date the 2016 campaign, including the FBI essentially whitewashing Hillary Clinton’s use of a bathroom server for classified information, which Barack Obama apparently knew about according to illicit lovebirds Linda Page and Peter Strzok (unless they lied in their text messages). Oh, and Page and Strzok mentioned an insurance policy in case of a Trump win in the office of then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired last Friday for lying about media leaks. Oh, did anyone mention that McCabe’s wife got over a half million bucks in fund-raising help from Terry McAuliffe, a very close political ally of the Clintons? Well, we did.

We’ve learned that the Christopher Steele dossier, a salacious document that is a low-budget version of the Penthouse Forum, was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DNC — a fact that those FBI officials applying for FISA warrants didn’t mention.

And Ralph Peters is appalled that there is speculation about elements of the government trying to carry out a soft coup.

The fact is, doubt about the trustworthiness of bureaucrats is increasing — and not just on these issues. NOAA has recently been busted for “adjusting” data to push a climate change agenda. Guess that’s why Democrat AGs and senators wanted to use RICO against “deniers” who were really calling out BS numbers. Keep in mind, stopping global warning was why the Luftwaffe went to biofuels… and ended up having to ground their Tornados.

Nobody is denying Russia is a threat. In fact, we need to re-think staying in New START, and to keep increasing energy production to lower oil prices to hit Vladimir Putin’s wallet and improve our strategic position. But Russia’s threat to us is not as immediate as the threat from “civil servants” who seem to be overstepping their bounds — Ralph Peters’ vehement objections notwithstanding.

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