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Tuesday Short Cuts

"We turn schools into something resembling prisons and scratch our heads when our children come out of them ill-prepared." —Cheryl Magness

Political Editors · Mar. 27, 2018

For the record: “We do [education] all wrong. We put our kids in huge, locked compounds with lots of little, boxy rooms, and enslave them to a bell that has no concern for what they happen to be doing when it’s time to switch rooms. We take away all their responsibility for their behavior and learning, and are surprised when they lose interest in the business at hand. We turn schools into something resembling prisons and scratch our heads when our children come out of them ill-prepared for the adult world.” —Cheryl Magness

Tone-deaf: “The safety of students, families, and supporters participating in today’s #MarchForOurLives is our highest priority. BSO officers are onsite patrolling today’s march in Broward County. We join today’s marchers with a shared goal of keeping our schools and communities safe.” —Broward County Sheriffs Department, which bears some responsibility for the Parkland massacre, in a statement Saturday

That’s sexist! “Fundamentally, I think there’s just something [voters] find suspicious in a woman looking to succeed.” —former Hillary Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri

You realize most of those channels champion your policies, right? “It used to be that … there were three television stations. Basically, everybody watched the same thing, everybody got their news from the same sources, and so everybody had more or less a similar view of the world. But today because of, first, cable television and … now the Internet, people have 500 channels to choose from. And they are able to find the news that fits their views instead of fitting their views to the news, so that they are very biased in terms of how they see things.” —Barack Obama

Fantasy world: “We were able to negotiate with Iran, so that Iran would shut down its nuclear program. … Eventually Iran said to itself, ‘We will be better off if we’re able to trade, engage in commerce, sell our oil, import the parts that we need for our airlines.’” —Barack Obama

And last… “If you want to save millions of lives, ban abortion, not guns.” —Liz Wheeler

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