McCabe's Wife Blames Trump for His Firing

She completely ignores the actual reason her husband was fired from the FBI — he lied.

Political Editors · Apr. 5, 2018

The Washington Post ran an opinion piece this week by Jill McCabe, pediatrician and wife of disgraced former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, entitled, “The president attacked my reputation. It’s time to set the record straight.” In the article, Dr. McCabe made it clear that she lays the blame for her husband’s firing squarely on President Donald Trump. She makes no mention of the fact that the actual reason her husband was fired was due to the recommendation Attorney General Jeff Sessions received from Inspector General Michael Horowitz, a Barack Obama appointee, who found that Andrew McCabe had repeatedly lied to investigators. In truth, McCabe was fired for cause, not because Trump raised questions over his impartiality.

While it is true that Trump questioned McCabe’s impartiality in noting that his wife had received a significant amount of campaign funding from Hillary Clinton’s longtime friend and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), it is not at all an unreasonable or illegitimate question. Dr. McCabe received quite the haul from McAuliffe’s Common Good VA PAC — over $450,000 — which, contrary to her claims, was not “on par with what other candidates … on both sides of the aisle received.” McAuliffe’s PAC had only ever granted two other candidates greater amounts of funding, with other candidates receiving an average donation of $2,500.

Indeed, it should have been entirely predictable given the fact that McCabe led the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal. As Jim Geraghty of National Review recently wrote, “Andrew McCabe could have and probably should have recused himself from the investigation of Hillary Clinton from the beginning. He could have avoided a lot of controversy by saying, ‘You know, one of Hillary’s longtime allies and friends supplied a lot of money to my wife’s campaign, and that’s going to create questions about any decision I make regarding this investigation. We’re all better off if someone else, without my family connection to a Clinton ally, handles it.”

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