Friday Top Headlines

Balanced Budget Amendment fails, reconsidering TPP, Libby pardon, going postal, and more.

Political Editors · Apr. 13, 2018
  • Comey attacks Trump’s integrity, questions his marriage in new book (Fox News)

  • Trump, Mueller teams prepare to move forward without presidential interview (NBC News)

  • GOP farm bill boosts federal food stamp work requirements (Washington Examiner)

  • Balanced Budget Amendment, a month late and $1 trillion short, fails to gain two-thirds majority in the House (The Hill)

  • Trump to take another look at Trans-Pacific Partnership (The Daily Caller)

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau hacked hundreds of times, risking sensitive U.S. financial data (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Trump meets with national security team as Britain joins U.S., France in planning Syria strike (The Washington Times)

  • President Trump poised to pardon Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff (ABC News)

  • State pension crisis: Funding gap reached a record high of $1.4 trillion in 2016 (Associated Press)

  • Obama judge OKs lawsuit forcing companies to hire DACA recipients (American Thinker)

  • Tennessee defunds Planned Parenthood (The Daily Wire)

  • Trump signs presidential memo to cut red tape for manufacturers (CNS News)

  • Trump issues executive order demanding review of Postal Service finances (The Washington Times)

  • Policy: Amazon controversy makes the case for a private-sector Postal Service (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: Four actions policymakers can take on welfare reform (The Daily Signal)

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