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Apr. 30, 2018

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Gary Bauer: “England has a socialized health care system called the National Health Service. … What is happening in England is essentially what American conservatives argued would happen under Obamacare’s death panels. Government bureaucrats would be the ultimate arbiters of who lives and who dies. Some people have argued that Alfie [Evans] should be left to die because British taxpayers are the ones who’d have to pay for his care. But Italy has granted Alfie citizenship and a Catholic hospital in Rome has agreed to pay for his care and take all possible steps to save him. There’s a profound irony in these cases. In many Western countries, governments have enshrined the right of women to control the fate of their unborn children, even if it leads to the baby’s death. But in this case, the government is doing the opposite, telling Alfie’s mother that she has no right to control her baby’s fate. So much for women’s rights. The European Union considers the freedom of movement a basic right. That means once migrants from the Middle East cross into Europe they can move to any country they wish to find work. Meanwhile, parents who wish to seek life-saving care for their child in another EU country are being told no. This leaves me with a sad conclusion. What the British authorities are really worried about is not the costs associated with saving Alfie Evans. … Nor are they worried that the infant will die and that they will be accused of being heartless. Their real fear is that Alfie will be taken to Italy and live, which will expose them for the moral monsters they are.”

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