Trump Bringing Reform to Washington Bureaucracy

He is aggressively working to bring about great efficiency to government.

Thomas Gallatin · Jul. 12, 2018

Since his election, what Trump has brought to Washington might be better categorized as practical rather than political. Being the highly successful businessman he is, he correctly saw a governing system that had lost its original focus; a government bogged down by bureaucratic inefficiency; a system that too often acts more like an elitist country club whose members express little genuine concern for those they were ostensibly elected to serve. Washington elitists view their position of power as a means of forcing their bankrupt vision or agendas on the greater populace.

Recognizing the corruption and brokenness of the swamp, Trump has personally invested in a 32-point plan to bring a fresh outside perspective to Washington’s outdated bureaucracy. As Margaret Weichert, deputy director at the Office of Management and Budget, recently explained, “It’s frequently why I, as a management consultant, was brought into an organization to consult on issues like this because fresh eyes and people who don’t have a stake in the status quo very often can see things differently than the people who are of that organization or institution. And that was a major theme in the last election, that people were effectively hiring a businessman to try to change business as usual in Washington.”

Weichert also noted that Trump “gets involved in the high level conceptual framing of it and then we pull together the proposals.” She further explained why Washington’s bureaucracy needs reforming: “Very often good ideas literally die in committee because if you have a single proposal the people who are invested in the status quo start picking at it and picking at it and then what’s left isn’t even worth pursuing.”

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