Migrant Invasion Swells Just in Time for Midterms

The latest immigration crisis is clearly designed to impact the November elections.

Thomas Gallatin · Oct. 22, 2018

Holding flags of their respective countries, primarily Honduran and Guatemalan, a growing mass of Central American migrants traveling north began to pour over Mexico’s southern border on Sunday. Their stated goal is to reach the U.S., where they aim to stay. While some women and children make up this rag-tag group, it appears that the vast majority are young men. The current estimated size of the migrant force is anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000.

Mexican authorities attempted to stop the migrants and funnel them into shelters where their requests for asylum could be processed, but the caravan quickly grew frustrated, overwhelming Mexican police and illegally crossing Mexico’s southern border by going around processing stations. They met little resistance.

This is a politically orchestrated and timed event to interfere with the upcoming midterm elections. Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media would love nothing more than to rekindle the previous outrage over President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” enforcement policy on illegal immigration in an effort to exploit women and Hispanic voters. That much is evident in the media coverage that offers nothing but an overly simplistic and sympathetic narrative regarding the “plight” of these migrant invaders.

Meanwhile, Trump has sought to address the issue before the invasion of migrants reaches the U.S. southern border. On Friday, Trump received support from Mexican authorities that they would seek to help stop the migrants. On Saturday, Trump declared, “We’re going to figure it out,” adding, “They’re not coming into this country.” This morning, he warned that the U.S. would be “cutting off, or substantially reducing” aid to the Central American nations in question, while putting the Border Patrol and military on alert. But the fact of the matter is that Trump’s ability to act on this current immigration crisis is limited. Republicans in Congress need to pass legislation to shut down the legal loopholes that have essentially allowed for de facto “catch and release” immigration. The underlying problem isn’t going to be solved easily — especially when one party is dedicated to ensuring it remains a crisis.

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