Monday Short Cuts

"CNN — the network that promotes the hashtag #FactsFirst — mislabeled embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam as a Republican on Friday." —Fox News

Political Editors · Feb. 4, 2019

The Gipper: “How can we not believe in the greatness of America? How can we not do what is right and needed to preserve this last best hope of man on Earth? After all our struggles to restore America, to revive confidence in our country, hope for our future — after all our hard-won victories earned though the patience and courage of every citizen — we cannot, must not and will not turn back. We will finish our job. How could we do less? We’re Americans.” —Ronald Reagan

Real hope ‘n’ change? “Between the shockingly unfair treatment of the Covington Catholic kids and now Virginia Governor Northam’s statement on post-birth termination of live babies, I’d say there’s a powerful cultural backlash brewing.” —Ari Fleischer

Inquiring minds want to know: “Should someone propose a 70% tax on the Patriots so that NFL competition is more fair and equal? Asking for a friend.” —Dan Crenshaw

Braying Jenny: “The average NFL salary is $2.1 million, so most players would never experience a 70% rate. The owners who refuse to hire Kaepernick would, though.” — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Non Compos Mentis: “It’s Friday, so call me crazy, but I can’t wait for next week. On Wednesday, our @HouseJudiciary Committee will have the first hearing on gun violence in 8 years. A new Congress is putting your right to be safe over any other rights.” —Rep. Eric Swalwell (“Our right to bear arms IS our ‘right to be safe.’” —Allie Beth Stuckey)

The BIG Lie: “CNN — the network that promotes the hashtag #FactsFirst — mislabeled embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam as a Republican on Friday during a segment about the Democrat’s apology for his racist 1984 medical school yearbook photo.” —Fox News

Friendly fire: “If it wasn’t [Northam] in the photo, he should have said that on Friday. I have no idea what was going on in the governor’s office on Friday.” —former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

And last… “Remember the Northam ads against Gillespie that showed minority kids getting run down by a dude in a truck with a confederate flag? Talk about projection.” —Katie Pavlich

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