Obama Judge Blocks Border Barrier

A legal battle over money allocated for 51 miles of fencing goes against Trump. Again.

Nate Jackson · May 28, 2019

Another week, another leftist obstructing President Donald Trump’s agenda to secure the southern border. U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. — based in Oakland, (Sanctuary State of) California — issued a temporary injunction Friday blocking Trump’s reallocation of military funds for building sections of a border barrier after declaring a national emergency earlier this year. The Associated Press reports, “His order applies to two planned projects to add 51 miles of fence in two areas. Gilliam issued the ruling after hearing arguments last week in two cases. California and 19 other states brought one lawsuit; the Sierra Club and a coalition of communities along the border brought the other.”

That’s right; we’re talking about a legal battle to block 51 miles of fence that is, according to Trump, “already under construction.”

The Republican-controlled Senate is confirming Trump’s judicial picks at a record pace, but leftists suing to stop his agenda are also carefully choosing their venues. Barack Obama’s appointees — like Gilliam — are always willing to help advance the “progressive” agenda, such as blocking Trump from repealing Obama’s DACA order and any other initiatives to stem the immigration crisis.

In this case, Gilliam apparently reasoned that because Congress refused to allocate new funds for Trump’s border barrier, the president is barred from using any funds for it. But this is money Congress already allocated to the Pentagon, and Trump, as the commander in chief, set several pieces in order — declarations involving drug interdiction and the aforementioned national emergency, paramount among them — so as to reallocate the necessary money. Gilliam goes to great lengths to explain away Trump’s legal rationale, seemingly extending to deciding exactly what constitutes executive authority in the arena of national security. And he does this by using the fig leaf of separation of powers, arguing that Trump is supposedly violating Congress’s authority.

The bottom line is that open-borders advocates simply don’t like the idea of a wall. They will do whatever it takes to prevent more than the existing 654 miles of barrier from being built.

Did we mention that Gilliam has donated almost $30,000 to Obama and other Democrats?

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