Monday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio, and more.

Political Editors · Jul. 15, 2019

The Gipper: “The challenge of statesmanship is to have the vision to dream of a better, safer world and the courage, persistence, and patience to turn that dream into reality.” —Ronald Reagan

Braying Jenny: “We do have a crisis at our border. It is one of morality.” —Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Braying Jackass I: “As Members of Congress, the only country we swear an oath to is the United States. Which is why we are fighting to protect it from the worst, most corrupt and inept president we have ever seen.” —Rep. Ilhan Omar

Annals of the absurd: “Something that I get criticized for all the time … is that I am anti-American because I criticize the United States. I believe, as an immigrant, I probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born and because I am ashamed of it continuing to live in its hypocrisy.” —Ilhan Omar

Braying Jackass II: “Mr. President, the country I ‘come from,’ & the country we all swear to, is the United States. But given how you’ve destroyed our border with inhumane camps, all at a benefit to you & the corps who profit off them, you are absolutely right about the corruption laid at your feet.” —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Non sequitur: “The Trump administration is preparing sweeping raids on undocumented people as the president threatens to go against the Supreme Court and demand citizenship information through the Census. Weaponized fear and bigotry are the central projects of this administration.” —Hillary Clinton (Or enforcing the law…)

Braying Jackass III" “[President Trump’s] slogan should be Make America Hate Again because he’s trying to foment division as a political campaign. It is what he’s doing with our ICE agents, is not about securing our borders. It’s basically an electoral effort by President Trump.” —Bill de Blasio

Non Compos Mentis: “My first act would be to ask Megan Rapinoe to be my secretary of state.” —Washington Gov. Jay Inslee

And last… “Note how every single person who defends [Trump’s] tweets is a diehard fan. He’s already got them in his pocket no matter what. There aren’t nearly enough of them to re-elect him. He needs non-diehards too. But those are the ones he repels with his act on Twitter.” —Matt Walsh

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