Hollywood Leftists Blacklist Conservatives

The double standard is astounding as calls for silencing and doxing political opponents spread.

Harold Hutchison · Sep. 3, 2019

If you want a look at just how bad the situation has become regarding freedom of speech, just look at the former stars of the NBC show “Will and Grace,” Eric McCormack and Debra Messing. Over the holiday weekend, both urged the prepublication of attendees to a Donald Trump fundraiser.

Why would they want that? Well, McCormack made it clear it wasn’t to praise these folks for involvement in the process of governing our country by supporting a political candidate they felt would represent them. This is something that has, until recently, been accepted as the right of every single American. McCormack made it clear that the intention of his request was “so the rest of us can be clear about who we don’t wanna work with.”

To put it bluntly, McCormack wanted to know who supported a politician he opposed so that he could use his power and influence to ruin their professional lives at the very least. This is nothing short of a revival of the tactics of Joseph McCarthy. The big difference between McCarthy and the McCormack/Messing combination is the target selection.

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated recently that America’s tribalism is what worries him most. Well, we’re seeing the symptoms, and while Messing and McCormack are two of the more prominent, we have noted this pattern before — both private efforts and efforts by the state of New York under the Andrew Cuomo-Letitia James regime.

To compound the problem of tribalism is the fact that there is a clear double standard being applied. If you back the NRA, you are painted as a child-killing domestic terrorist who believes in white supremacy. Efforts to ruin your life through blacklisting are practically celebrated by the Leftmedia. But suppose a Second Amendment supporter in office tried to utilize the same tactics that Cuomo is using on the NRA. We’d never hear the end of how America faces a grave threat to “democracy.”

We noted the same double standards in effect with some recent actions by Rep. Joaquin Castro last week. Doxing Trump supporters? It was practically a non-event that got little, if any, mention — much less condemnation — from mainstream media outlets. This was an action by a sitting congressman, someone who wields no small amount of influence in DC, including with regulatory agencies.

Similarly, when Federal Election Commission chairwoman Ellen Weintraub slammed President Trump for making claims about voter fraud in New Hampshire, we couldn’t help but notice her silence regarding Stacey Abrams’s 10 months of unsubstantiated claims of vote suppression in Georgia. By the way, Weintraub applied her double standard while being responsible for the enforcement of campaign-finance laws.

This also comes as James Comey again skates despite another damning report on his behavior from the Justice Department’s inspector general. This is in addition to the other issues that emerged from Spygate — questions Americans deserve the answers to, not to mention the need for accountability.

The frustrating thing is the fact that the double standards that could destroy any confidence in the Rule of Law are perpetrated not just by the legal system but by the studious lack of comment from the Leftmedia. While America can survive when Americans have deep divisions, it cannot survive if legal and moral double standards exist. And if free speech is successfully quashed — whether by Hollywood, academia, or Big Tech — our republic is in serious danger.

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