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Hillary's Third Time a Charm?

Rumors about Clinton entering the presidential race are likely for another design.

Political Editors · Oct. 28, 2019

Rumors have been swirling for the last few weeks that several notable individuals are considering throwing their hats into the Democrat presidential ring. Headlining this group of potential new Democrat candidates is the 2016 election loser, Hillary Clinton.

Should Clinton actually decide to jump into the crowded Democrat field she’d better do it soon. The Washington Examiner notes, “Candidates hoping to compete for early state nominating contests must consider filing deadlines, which begin in early November, giving potential candidates only a few weeks to announce their candidacy and create any campaign infrastructure.”

The more pressing question many are asking, however, is not when Clinton will enter the race, but why she would even consider entering. Outside of Clinton’s own deluded claim that she could beat President Donald Trump “again,” the fact that Leftmedia pundits are even entertaining the idea reveals that they are worried the current field of Democrat candidates has little chance of defeating Trump in 2020.

This also may demonstrate a growing divide within the Democrat Party between the radical leftists who have increasingly pushed the party toward outright socialism and the garden-variety establishment Democrats who favor big-government programs but still (tentatively) embrace capitalism. Democrats may also worry that a majority of Americans don’t want what Elizabeth Warren is selling.

However, as the Examiner’s Emily Larson observes, “Any candidate who jumps in at this late stage also runs the risk of frustrating Democratic voters already overwhelmed by a large field of presidential hopefuls.” We’d venture to guess that it appears Clinton’s aim is to gin up her own base of supporters, whom she will then encourage to vote for the candidate she endorses. Time will tell.

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